This book changed my life

Octobre 2016,

For a couple of years now, I have read a lot!!!

Younger I hated reading… Now I need to have a book in my bag, I see a book like a treasure!

The first time I heard about this one, I felt intrigued. Base on this book, everyone can be creative!  I felt confused.

Are we all creative?

Some books make me travel, imagine, forget the present moment. Some other makes me think, push my boundaries, smash my fears. This one is one of those.


The title: The Artist’s way by Julia Cameron.

In the French version, the subtitle is the artists’ bible.

That’s for sure! 12 weeks of an amazing journey to find back my creativity.

12 weeks to understand what is being creative and why I lost my creativity!

This book was a blessing in my life! I followed the 11 weeks easily and seriously. But I needed 1 year to finally read and do the exercises of the 12 and final week.


My first notebook!

The main exercise: write 3 pages daily. My first notebook was so big, A4 size! OMG such a silly idea. At the beginning, it took me ages to fulfil 3 pages. mes-cahiers

Since June 2016, I have completed 11 notebooks! Obviously, no more big size notebook! Sometimes, I couldn’t find time to write, but it’s quite rare. This time with myself and my pen/notebook is so precious.

What I’m writing about?

What happened in my life the day before, my emotions, my feelings, my doubts, what I want to change….
Julia Cameron advises waiting for 6 or 8 weeks (I can’t remember) to read back your diary.

By going back in my past, wow, I can’t believe it sometimes! I’ve found out some issues, some emotions block inside me. Also, I discovered how much I love writing and I feel talented!

The second exercise: artists meetings, it means having time to get some inspiration.

Mine is walking! When I was living in Paris, I enjoyed some much walking around, admiring the architecture, now that I’m living in La Baule the architecture is so different but still, I enjoy it. I love walking along the Atlantic Ocean, I admire the colours of the sea and the sky!

Every time I do it, I feel so pleased, align with myself. Once a week!

12 weeks, 12 topics! Also, it’s full of quotes. So inspiring!

I’ve found out: my creativity was blocked because I felt afraid to be criticised, unloved and not perfect!

This book was such a support to work on myself to be able to publish on this blog and reveal myself.

So ready to find out the artist inside you? Let’s go!!

You’re awesome.


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