I failed… a question of perspective

I failed,

I failed when I let other people dictate my choices.

I failed when I let my reasoning dictate my choices. 

I failed when I let my heart down. 

Failed, failed, this word is so strong, and hurts so much. This view, analysis, judgment of the situation could be different according to who I am, where I come from. 

This word sometimes make me justify myself. This word makes me want to hide. This word that hurts!! 

Why is it so bad? Is it me who expects success at every turn? 

Is a business life waiting for a straight path? A path where only success is expected where only success has a social value. 

I wake up this morning and my heart is heavy because I think back to all these periods of my life when this feeling of failure was present. In my love life, it’s clear, it’s heavy.

In my professional life it’s even harder, with the life of an entrepreneur and the sacrifices that it asks of me, and the phrase that I’ve heard a couple of times “when are you getting a real job.” Uh, when I’m dead, I want to answer! 

And then the most bitter failure is my health. The words, you’re young, you’re healthy are uneasy to accept. A health that sometimes nailed me to the bed or the toilets. Slowing me down, makes me throw up when I’m supposed to have a romantic weekend! Health that I want to hide because it’s not fair to complain, to show it, there is so many people who are worse than me, huh so why would I complain?

And then one day, my eyes were opened, I saw my health as a precious gift to cherish. A body as a precious gift, which tells me when I am wrong, a compass in some ways. A health that makes me change so many aspects of my life, so I thank it every day. 

A professional life so rich in experiences that allows me to inspire you, understand you, design my own method.

A sentimental life that allowed me to open my heart step by step, to get to know me better, to respect me, to vibrate! 

A rich life filled with obstacles or challenges is a question of perspective!!! 

A life that I cherish because I know, my life is precious, powerful and full of adventures. 

Adventures that I choose or that I feel pushed to follow whatever. What I’m sure about is it’s my responsibility the way I choose to read the situation. 

And speaking of reading, I invite you to read my book a success that I cherish. 



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