That’s you:
From outside, your life is perfect.
The truth is: your life pisses you off.
Your head is full of dreams but you keep pushing them away!

Your thoughts:
You don’t realise the great person you are!
You let the outside dictate your choices and your life.
You are more focused on what you don’t have rather than what you alreday have…

You wish to change:
You may have seen some psychologists,
read some books about well-being,
blamed your parents,
And so, what’s next!

What I suggest to you:
Imagine what your life could be like:
if you didn’t care about what people think
if you feel proud of the person you see in the mirror,
if your life is easier and more peaceful,
if you stop seeing trouble to embrace challenges and experiences.
Realise and reach your potential!

To do it, a 7 steps program:

1. Clarify: what is the present and what could be the future.
2. Sort and choose: keep the basics and make room for change.
3. Reconnect with yourself: know your skills and talents are
4. Love and trust: capitalize on your unique personality.
5. Set a new path: knowing where to go thanks to 3 main goals.
6. Stand up to others: putting limits with others and assuming the new direction
7. Move forward with determination and consistency: assess progress and feel proud.


I know where I’m going

I assume who I am

I live according to my own rules

I love myself

I know myself

Time to sort


  • Coralie

    Defined what is important and see the positive aspect
    Laurence’s coaching program gave me a clue to finally change my daily life and define new goals. Thanks to her support, I have taken my life in my own hand, now I have the life that I always dream of and I feel more in tune with myself and my surroudings. I highly recommend it; the result is awesome!

  • Grace

    Trust the choice I make

    I loved working with Laury (Laurence). Her simplicity and her ability to put words on what may seem so complicated to express clearly conquered me. I highly recommend it. With a method of her own, she allowed me to be in the center, to listen to me and to trust me.

Who am I?

«I know what you’re going through, I was like you! »

For ages, my head was full of dreams and I felt stock in my own life. Luckily, I will say, my health reminded me a couple of time, how my life is precious.
In 2011, I was living in a couple, in a suburb of Paris and I got the job in marketing than so many people wished for!
The 1st of January, I went to the hopital emergency. That accelerated my awareness which became in August 2010!

A new degree, moving, being an entrepreneur… I’ve started to achieve what’s matter to me. That’s why I created the Dare Your Dream programme. This lifestyle programme comes from my natural way of achieving amazing projects, which I add couple of techniques that I have learned since 2011.

Travelling, writing and inspiring people to realise themselves are some of my dreams. What are yours?

More details about Laury’s team

Crédit photos : mainaphotographs.fr



  • Tittle=
  • A Journey to find myself
  • From high heels to backpacks
  • Anecdotes, exercises & inspirations
  • Why I change my life

Boost meeting

  • Need a hand?
  • 1 hour meeting
  • On-line
  • Hang up smiling
  • Move foward with specific solution


  • 12 weeks
  • 27 exercises sheets
  • 1 final assessments
  • one bonus: about money relationship
  • one gift: 1 hour meeting


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