Dana – style coaching

I met Dana 2 years ago!

On my book, I mention how she helped me to improve my self-image and how emotional I was when I saw myself in the mirror after Dana suggested some outfits!

It’s a pleasure for me to introduce you Dana!

1. who are you?

My superpower is to improve people’s self-image through good outfits.

My name is Dana Tacea, I am a personal stylist and personal shopper and I guide people to rediscover and reinvent themselves, according to their silhouette type. Starting from this basis, I select pieces of clothing and build outfits for people taking into consideration their taste, their lifestyle and most of all, their unique personality. 

2. Why personal shopper and style coaching? 

I have always loved clothing and people and with this job, I get in touch with both! How cool is that?

All jokes aside, I am honest about coming from a very diverse professional background. I worked at the National Bank of Romania for 7 years, and another 2 years as an internal auditor in a public institute, and before all this, prior to graduating from University, in the summer holidays, I worked as a tourism guide for Spanish and American tourists visiting Romania.

I have always searched my purpose on earth and found it in 2016, when I quit my job in the banking sector and embraced the entrepreneurial road, starting my own business in the fashion styling field. I get my energy from the great feedback I receive from all my clients and from their desire to take this journey with me.

I am addicted to creating the right outfits and making my clients look GREAT! It’s a native talent that I have: to combine beauty and a practical sense of style, both elements needed so that my clients wear great outfits and express their true selves. 

3. Something short that summarise your experience, your passion and your values.

I studied stylism in London at Color me Beautiful Academy, and in Romania at DallesGo. I have lost count of all the workshops I went to. 

I created more than 5.000 outfits for my clients coming from different fields like entrepreneurs, lawyers, journalists, architects. Each person had a different need and I found different silhouette types from one client to another, each with its advantages and challenging parts.

I like that my jobs allows me to mix esthetique elements with the type of comfort that each person is looking for, in order to suit their lifestyle. I assemble outfits that will fit with my client’s personality, needs and taste. All the suggestions I make focus on customizing fashion to my client’s specific lifestyle. Because I dress people with feelings, desires and aspiration, not store mannequins.

Would you like to improve your self-image? To improve your style? To feel more feminine/masculine?

Contact Dana to know her services!
I love the one you’ll find out what to keep and what to take apart in your wardrobe!

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