A trip that changed my life!

My sweet amazing reader,

For a while now, I’ve wished to write a bit more about my one-year trip between the UK, Canada and Mexico.

A big desire to share that amazing feeling that I have inside; a mix of happiness and amazement!

Travelling, I have always loved it. Ten times, hundred times I’d said I would go abroad for a while or forever, got out of France.

A journey with myself too! Decided to go without almost any plan, as a former events organiser, a tinny bit control freak, that was a jump out of my comfort zone.

Was that easy to pack my stuff, no? Was it worth it? Definitely YESSSSSS.

Today, I’m designing the life I’ve dreamed of for ages. I have been told a lot: “fairy tales don’t exist, wake up and come back to the real world” When you look carefully about those stories, the main character fights for what she/he believes on, stays focus, faces huge challenges and finally gets what she/he wishes for. Not necessary 100% exactly how she/he has designed it but still the result is here!!! Why? Because they are passionate, no?

Passionate, that how I describe myself, ambitious, daring, whatever the word those are keys of my success.

When I have some doubts, facing uncertainty, especially with this unbelievable virus situation, my little trick is: I remind myself of when I was travelling. I climbed some mountains literally and figuratively speaking!

Hitchhike because I grabbed the wrong ferry and then got a nice tour that I wouldn’t have done on my own. Amazing, no?

A hick under the snow, snow is not my cup of tea. However, I enjoyed it a lot, especially when I saw the squirrel that seemed to talk to me!! Wooow!!!

I spend a lot of time on my own without a book or internet, unbelievable a few months ago.

You can say, that’s cool but not everyone dreams about a 1-year trip. Yep, you are right!

How many people postponed their dream because it’s not the right time, they are too old or too young, for money issue or whatever reasons… Do you feel it? Do you want it? Then goooooo for it.


During this journey, I’ve received some much support to make it possible, to make it unbelievable.

I’m here to support you to fulfil your dreams! Embrace your life thanks to my coaching programme: Dare your dreams, 12 weeks, 7 steps to change your life. One gift: a one-to-one coaching session with Veronique.

Only 10 spots available, subscribe here!!

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